Media Empowerment project
What is Media Empowerment?

What is Media Empowerment?

Media Empowerment means communities taking back the power to define themselves, their needs and their vision. It means empowering people with the knowledge and skills to make media work for justice in their communities.


The Media Empowerment Project grows out of the United Church of Christ's historic commitment to civil rights in media advocacy. The project is grounded in the belief that struggles for social, racial and gender justice must address questions of media ownership, accountability and access in order to truly be effective. MEP is working in low income communities around the country with people of color, women and youth to help them think about how media could best serve their needs and advance their struggles for social justice. The Media Empowerment Project provides communities with the support and training needed to organize for meaningful, lasting change. Together with community organizers, we are documenting and publicizing these experiences to empower others around the country to take on the struggle for media justice.